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The Delux Basic translators (Delux, Delux # and DeluxVBNET) convert most Basic dialects, Visual Basic (versions 3/4/5/6) forms and code into Borland Delphi, C# or VB.NET.

The Delux translators are extremely versatile and powerful, and capable of translating old Basic dialects as well as object oriented Visual Basic.


Converts most Basic dialects up to VB7. Forms and controls, code modules and class modules are translated. As with all the translators, recoding is not “hard-wired” but can be controlled by macros.

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Start with Basic and end up with modern C# code. Delux # will try to translate all code and forms. Controls and classes may be added freely to the hierarchical name mapping dictionary.

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Turns your VB applications into VB.NET applications. All code, forms and controls can be translated.
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All Visual Basic program control structures are converted to functionally identical code.
Arrays of controls are translated completely, including event handlers.
Variable typing and scoping is reproduced as far as possible.
Visual Basic ‘on error goto ‘ structure is replaced with ‘try…except…end;’ clauses.
User defined types are converted to Delphi ‘Record’ types, or C# ‘structs’.
Standard functions are replaced by their Delphi or C# equivalents if they exist.
Argument lists in standard functions are amended if required.
External function declarations are converted.
C# case sensitive code produced. Deductive typeing of untyped variables.
File handling code using VB’s ‘open’, ‘print’, input’ etc is converted to C# or Delphi equivalents.
Compiler conditional directives ( #if … etc ) are translated to {$ifdef … etc} or ‘#if’, ‘#else’ etc..
Visual Basic project files are translated to Delphi project files
User defined VB classes (objects) are converted to Delphi or C# classes.
The VB data control is mapped to three Delphi controls – TTable, TDBNavigator and TDatasource, giving the same functionality (Delux).
The VB data control is mapped to a C# class (source suplied) giving the same functionality (Delux#).
Bound controls are mapped to their Delphi DB equivalents.
Advanced Data Objects (ADO) are translated to Delphi or C# equivalents.
Obsolete DAO code is upgraded to ADO code and controls
Macros supported for statement and function morphing.
Visual Basic to Delphi and C# name mappings are not wired in – they may be changed or extended as required.
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